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Welcome to Clayton, your gateway to a world of exceptional online education. We're committed to providing Middle East students with a diverse range of subjects, including English, Tamil, art, and nursery. Our English classes, designed for grades 1 to 5, lay a strong foundation in language skills, while our Tamil and art classes are created to inspire both kids and adults.


Fill out the online form with your contact details. Let us know the best time to reach you, ensuring a convenient experience for you and your child."At Clayton, your child will experience an international education. Our virtual classroom connects them with peers from around the world, fostering a global perspective and new friendships.


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Unlock the benefits of learning with Clayton's on-demand classes. Explore a diverse curriculum, from English, Tamil, art, to nursery, tailored to various ages. Our English classes build strong language foundations, while our Tamil and art classes spark creativity for all.

Engaging online experiences and personalized learning through Zoom meetings with parents and children.

Where Learning Begin

At Clayton, we're passionate about making learning engaging, interactive, and accessible. Join us as we explore the boundless possibilities of online education. Your educational adventure begins here.

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